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Save Money and Paint Yourself.
You can even get us to do the fiddly bits and you still save money.
It’s just so easy!


We supply only the paint you need. Get access to the best advice. Save a packet on the best quality paint! Take advantage of us and our best buying power in the country.


How does this work?
It’s simple. Send us your measurements. We will calculate exactly how much paint you will need using the state of the art software.


Get your paint at below retail price. We have access to all brands, products & colours available. Your paint will be securely delivered straight to your door.

DIY House Painting done right the first time


We can also supply everything else you need to finish your painting project. Hire drop sheets, rollers, brushes or order tapes and accessories.


If there are jobs you don’t want to do, why not hire a painter for a day? You do as much as you want and we will do the jobs you don’t. We love painting!

How to Paint DIY

Right Preparation – Right Paint

Choose your Colour Scheme

Start with the colours you prefer. Use your favourite colour as a base colour and create a colour scheme around it. Check social media such as Pinterest and Instagram for colour inspiration. We also offer an online colour consulting service to help you choose a colour scheme you will love.

Send us your Measurements

We will need the dimensions of each room you wish to paint. Length x Width x Height. Or send us your floor plans if you have them.

Tell us about your surfaces

Let us know what sheen or finish you would like? What is the surface you will be painting on, is it plaster, plaster board, brick and has it been painted before? Better still, send us some photos of the room/s.

Your Paint will be delivered

We will deliver the correct amount paint directly to your door. Any materials you ordered or hired will be delivered ready for you to start your DIY home painting project.

Get Started

Fill cracks and imperfections in your surfaces. Apply two coats of plaster compound to the areas as per product instructions. When plaster has dried, sand down the surface until smooth.

Clean your Surfaces

Dust and clean down your surfaces before you are ready to start painting. Tape up hardware and fixtures, cover furniture and place drop sheets on the floor. We have drop sheets available for cheap hire.

Brushes & Rollers

Use brushes with cutting in around ceilings, walls, trims, window frames and skirting boards. Use rollers to fill in large areas on the walls and the ceilings.

Online Colour Consulting


We now offer an Online Colour Consulting Service via Emails/ Photos/ FaceTime/ Phone Calls. We can then order A4 or A5 colour cards (depending on paint brand) to view prior to purchasing your paint.

Help is Available!!

If you have any painting questions, Marty will be available for online help. He can also best advise on not only the amount of paint you will need but the paint that is fit for your purpose. He can also advise on the best sheen or finish to use in which area based on your preferences and lifestyle.

If you have areas of your home that you do not enjoy painting, find it physically difficult or do not have time, hire us!

Hire a painter for a day and we will get it done for you.

Many of our DIY customers do not enjoy the woodwork and ceiling painting but we do. We don’t just like painting – we love it!

Look forward to working with you on your next DIY project. Save time and money today!

Start your DIY House Painting Project today!

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