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Paint Professionals are your experts in interior house painting in Adelaide and understand the need to reduce stress during your interior house painting project.

Adelaide Residential Painters

We are skilled at communicating all aspects of the job so that you are clear about what’s involved—helping to make your painting experience as pleasant as possible. We are respectful, agreeable and put you at ease in having us around.

Our professional service includes our unique Move In and 12 month Finished Touch guarantees. ...





  • On-time arrival
  • Timely completion
  • Attention to detail and care
  • Property kept protected and secure
  • Comfortable feeling about everyone
  • A painting experience that exceeds your expectations


  • Nailsworth Adelaide Painting Exterior Paint Professionals Roof Restoration
  • Nailsworth Adelaide Painting Exterior Paint Professionals Roof Restoration
  • Epoxy flooring 3
  • Heritage Painting Adelaide Walkerville
  • Heritage Painting Adelaide
  • Decking Painting & Staining correct preparation and undercoats
  • Springfield Mansion Adelaide Exterior Painting Paint Professionals
  • Springfield Mansion Adelaide Exterior Painting Paint Professionals
  • Springfield Mansion Adelaide Exterior Painting Paint Professionals

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Paint Professionals takes pride in delivering a professional service – on time, every time.
We’re so confident that you pay only after you’ve approved the work.

50 Years Experience - 7 years Guarantee

Our Adelaide Painters are hand picked; they love the work of painting and gain personal & professional satisfaction from achieving the highest standard of workmanship using the greatest amount of care.

On-time arrival and timely completion

Our team will arrive on-time and ensure timely completion. We are proudly South Australian, servicing all Adelaide Suburbs. We pride ourselves with our attention to detail and care. Trust that your property will be kept protected and secured.

Superior Quality Paint, Primers & Preparation

Paint Professionals is fully equipped and possesses the required technical know-how and skills to manage both Adelaide House Painting & Commercial Painting Adelaide Projects – Interior and Exterior.



Our team is equipped with the latest product knowledge and specialise in both interior and exterior commercial painting across a diverse range of industries including hospitality, offices, tourism, retail and more. As a professional commercial painting company we have a wide portfolio of projects, with our servicing ranging from small retail stores through to multi-storey buildings. We take pride in our ability to tackle complex and large scale projects that require extra precision and skill to achieve high quality results. We’re proud to have painted a number of well recognised sites in Adelaide including The Mayfair Hotel, Crowne Plaza Adelaide and 20 Hindmarsh Square and continue to contribute to the state’s growing built environment. We’ve also worked on national projects such as the 299 Elizabeth Street in Sydney.

We work closely with our clients and the wider consultant team across the duration of a project to ensure its success and take pride in our ability to overcome and manage any issues as they arise. We have a proactive approach in working together to find solutions so we can deliver a successful outcome every time.

Why use professional commercial painters?

There are many benefits to working with professional commercial painters. When working with an expert in the industry, you can get your job done right the first time. When done with skill and precision, a high quality painting finish has potential to create impact, add value and increase the lifespan of any project. You’ll also benefit from saving time, energy and money when working alongside professional commercial painting contractors.

Every building and project comes with its own set of unique needs. By utilising the services of commercial painters, you can take away any uncertainty and feel confident knowing that your project's needs will be fulfilled and more importantly, stand the test of time.

At Paint Professionals, we communicate with each client to understand their requirements and the desired finish they are looking for, so that we can tailor our commercial painting services to their specific needs. We also keep up to date with the latest advancements and technologies in the industry to inform the way we approach each project. From sustainable, eco-friendly painting materials to durable paints that can mitigate the effects of harsh and changing climates, having a team who understands these products and why they’re used is something worth investing in. We’ll be able to guide you as to which products are suitable to your project and which ones are worth committing to.

When it comes to commercial painting, we understand that efficiency and time management is key, especially with larger and more complex projects. The best commercial painters know how to minimise downtime and limit disruptions to the public, tenants and day-to-day business operations as much as possible. We’ll be able to estimate how long a project will take and allocate the right amount of staff to each job so the commercial painting work is completed in the intended time frame.

Adelaide Commercial Painters - uncover the best with Paint Professionals.

Choose quality, reliability, efficiency and value for money when looking for commercial painters to make your project a success. There are many different types of commercial painting services on offer across the state and finding the right one for your project can be an overwhelming task. Instead of the standard search for ‘commercial painters near me’, we recommend doing a little bit of research to find a commercial painting company who you can trust.

Offering a comprehensive and reliable commercial painting service, Paint Professionals aims to make the painting process simple, efficient and hassle free. Backed by 30 years of experience and an expert team, we are committed to delivering on our promises and providing a quality service within the intended time frame. Whatever the size and condition of your property, our accredited team are here to provide top-quality workmanship and make your project look visually stunning. By consistently upholding these qualities, we maintain a loyal client base who continue to seek repeat business.

Get in touch with our friendly team today for a fast and free quote and discuss how we can help with your commercial painting needs.