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Looking to update your outdated windows, match your old windows with a new paint scheme, extension or renovation? We offer a complete aluminium window painting service to help revive your window frames and enhance the appeal of your property. Servicing everything from commercial, residential, heritage, office spaces and more, we are the go-to professionals when it comes to aluminium window painting.

Paint Professionals can make your dull and faded aluminium windows look new again, adding value to your property.

Aluminium is a popular choice when it comes to window framing due to its durability, high strength, thermal efficiency and resistance to corrosion. However, like with any material, it can become worn and exposed to damage over time. Many people choose to rejuvenate their framing with a professional aluminium window painting restoration, as a cost effective way to add style and value to their property. ...

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What are the benefits of aluminium window painting?

Painting aluminium windows is a cost effective solution to restore and revive faded or outdated windows, giving a fresh look to your property. Replacing windows can be an expensive and significant task that can often be avoided by a professional aluminium painting service. By restoring the existing structure with aluminium window painting, you can create a whole new look and feel to your property, without breaking the bank.


One of the best things about aluminium is its versatility and efficiency. With the right knowledge, tools and painters, there is so much you can achieve with aluminium window painting. We use aluminium spray paint which is specifically made to adhere to metal and have a wide variety of colours available. You can select from almost any colour scheme to use on your windows, taking the stress out of colour matching or being limited by choice. The paint can also dry quickly, making this one of the most efficient ways to instantly add value to your property.

Aluminium windows are a highly durable material, often lasting up to 30 years and even longer if quality made. Compared to other materials, aluminium is resistant to corrosion and the effects of wear and tear, harsh temperatures and environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, rain and snow. Rather than looking at alternate window placements using less durable materials, a simple freshen up might be all you need to restore your existing structure.

Other benefits to a aluminium window painting service include:

  • A low maintenance and long lasting option
  • Ease of replacing mechanical hardware if needed
  • Having your window frames expertly cleaned, repaired, prepared with all correct coatings applied
  • Enhances style and visual appeal

What does aluminium window painting involve?

Professional aluminium window painters use specialised tools and materials to achieve a smooth and even finish. The process begins by cleaning and carefully preparing the surface to remove any grease, dirt, dust or other foreign materials. It is then evened out and primed to ensure the paint adheres to the aluminium, giving your window frames a smooth, quality and fresh finish. The number of coats and the type of paint will depend on the specific project and desired outcome.

For the best and longest lasting results, we recommend hiring experienced aluminium window painters. We know that when corners are cut or quality is compromised, the end result of any painting project can be affected. What could have been a quick, value adding job to refresh your window frames can easily become an expensive hassle. Thanks to our team’s combined skills and knowledge, we can help you get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money in the long run. With so many types, styles and colours of paint on the market, we can help you decide on the one that’s perfect for your project and budget. Whether you’re looking for paint that is rated best on performance, most environmentally or budget friendly, we will always use the highest quality paints for the best results. We believe that there is no substitute for quality and this is why we opt for options that provide a superior finish, ensuring our clients are always happy with their outcome.

Tired of searching for aluminum window painting near me? Let our team at Paint Professionals help you. Our painters can chat with you to understand what you’re looking for and explore your options to help you find a cost effective, quality painting solution that achieves the look and feel you’re after.

How much does aluminium window painting cost?

The price of each project will differ depending on a number of factors. To find out more on costing, we recommend getting in touch with our team for a free, no obligation quote on your project.

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